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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just a Prediction

Okay, so I was reading the Production notes in this month's DWM (Issue 404) and noticed at the end Russell T. Davies Wrote The name of one new enemy in the Specials is written on this page somehwere. So I searched the page a few times and noticed something. Now this might sound stupid to some of you but others may find this interesting: Russell Says a bit of 'drought' will do us good, by that he means that no series this year will do us some good. But I think he meant drought as in a monster. The First special this year is called Planet of The Dead, which means it obviously revolves around a certain planet with some sort of death related stuff going on. Does that mean that there could be a certain 'drought' of lives on that planet. Or could it be that 'The Drought' could be the monster featured in Midnight? I don't know but he also says After the drought, the flood by 'flood' he means Series Five but still. I think 'drought' does have something to do with it, and I'm about 70% sure it definetly will. But as i said this is just a prediction and you know the way Russell always lies about things. Anyway if you have something to say about this comment here!

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