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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Man of Gallifrey News

Great News Everyone! The UDW series, Man of Gallifrey schedule has been changed to weekly rather than fortnightly. There are two reasons for this: First of All, I just thought it would be better to get a weekly serving rather than having to wait 2 weeks for the next episode. Second of all, Many many people are also doing fortnightly FanFics so I didn't want my episodes to come out at the same time as theirs, so please, whoever has a fanfic and wants to change their schedule to the same as mine. Please Don't! Thanks Very Much.


  1. how did you get the sarah jane adventures font ive got an ebook coming out?

  2. I'll send it to you. whats ur email?

  3. Could you also email me the dr who font :) also could you follow my site its not doing very well