Hey There! Welcome to the Older version of Ultimate Doctor Who! This is the way, the site looked from January 1st 2009 - February 28 2009. To view the new, improved UDW please click here! Please note that some changes have been made, as this is just an archive to view if you are interested in the site.

Rob (Sylar)
Ultimate Doctor Who

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Welcome Back

UDW was closed overnight due to major Reconstruction. So if you thought there was something wrong with your PC, Mac, Laptop or whatever you use, you thought wrong. Yesterday Evening and This Morning, I was working very hard to give the site a better, more brighter look. Nothing has disappeared, in fact the layout is pretty much the same, but the style is different and the main Font has changed. The sidebar titles have changed, the colour has changed, the banners have changed, the background pic has changed and more stuff too. Below you Can compare the Old Look and the new Look: The Site will obviously still be posting the same kinda posts and news, and please comment on whether you like the new look or not, as comments are widely appreciated here at UDW.


  1. I like both looks. But that picture you have aof the doc now looks weird.

  2. LOL. I like this look but prefer the old one.

  3. u well iv only started with blogs so iv not saw it in the past. But currently it looks cool!